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Our Ready to Color Silent Night Paper Chains Are a Festive, Easy Classroom or Home Decoration.

Create the Ready to Color Silent Night Paper Chains to help decorate the classroom, learning area, or Christmas tree and teach students about the Nativity of the Lord.

These cute paper chains are an alternative to plain construction paper as they feature black-and-white images representing key lyrics from the Christmas hymn Silent Night by Josef Mohr. This printable is only one small part of our thematic collection for Silent Night.

There are four pieces or links per page, and each page creates four links and measures about 12-inches in length.

Ready to Color Silent Night Paper Chains for Kids

How to Use the Ready to Color Silent Night Paper Chains

First, print out the sheets, and have learners color the images. Next, cut the pieces apart, forming four similar strips. The end pieces may be slightly wider. Trim if desired. Then, bring the ends of the strips together to form a circle and staple to close. Repeat this process, attaching one new link to the existing chain. Create as long a chain as desired. Be sure to connect the pieces facing the same direction so that the characters do not appear upside down. Finally, display your Ready to Color Silent Night Paper Chains around the edge of a bulletin board, the border of a door, or hang it like a garland from the wall. You can even use it to decorate your classroom Christmas tree.

Sample of Silent Night Paper Chains

There are similar Silent Night Paper Chain sets in different colors that may be combined with this set.

This printable set is only one small part of our Christmas in the Classroom Series featuring Silent Night.

Age: Elem+
Focus: classroom decoration, Christmas
Theme: Silent Night, paper chains

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