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Refreshment Sign-Up Sheet for Snacks or Treats

Organize Snacks or Treat Refreshments for Your Meetings and Class Sessions.

Many parishes offer refreshments to parents, students, or families during or after weekly class sessions. Some choose to use the opportunity to build community within the program. Others have snacks and goodies available as a necessity for busy families attending late afternoon or evening sessions that are scheduled close to mealtimes. The Refreshment Sign-Up sheets can help organize the task of serving quick snacks. Parents may be encouraged to volunteer items such as napkins, muffins, fruit, or crackers. They may also share their time in serving or cleaning up. If a particular item or volunteer help is needed, list it on the sheet along with a date allowing parents to choose how they may choose to participate or assist. Some people may be more inclined to help if they know what is needed or expected.

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Theme: Refreshment Snacks or Treats Sign-Up Sheet

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Refreshment Sign-Up Sheet for Snacks or Treats
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