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Rejoice Christ is Coming Door Hanger Activity

Teach Young Catholics About the Joy of Advent with the Rejoice Christ is Coming Door Hanger Activity.

Help youngsters learn that Christmas is a time to be joyful by completing this Rejoice, Christ Is Coming Door Hanger Activity. Not only is it a cute and fun door sign, but it is useful too because the text of the activity helps students begin to understand the significance of St. John the Baptist's message of hope, humility, and loving repentance.

The sign features a young girl singing Christmas carols and pink to symbolize joyfulness and Gaudete Sunday, the Third Sunday of Advent. There is a little prayer for students to paste together; it reads, "O my Jesus, help me to be joyful at Christmas. Amen." This set also features a black-and-white version of the activity, which some students may enjoy coloring.

Rejoice Christ is Coming Door Hanger Activity

How to Assemble the Rejoice He is Risen Door Sign Activity

First, cut the pieces out on the dotted lines. Next, cut the circle out for the door handle. Then, glue the small pieces onto the door hanger where the shapes match together. Finally, hang the finished project on your doorknob.

This file is only one small part of the That Weekly Liturgy Lesson for Kids for the 3rd Sunday of Advent (Cycle C).

Age: Elem+
Focus: Fine motor skill development, sign,door hanger
Theme: Christmas, joyfulness

Rejoice Christ is Coming Door Hanger Activity
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