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Study the Renaissance

Use this eight-page mini-book to help children narrate and recall details about the Renaissance period.  This prompted book features a color image of Raphael's, School of Athens.

To use this resource,  learners should fill in the prompts, cut apart the pages, stack in order, and staple.  Books may be pasted onto one of our keepsake pages or affixed into a notebook or file folder project.  They also may be kept loose for a fun bookshelf addition.

Writing prompts include:

  •     What is the Renaissance? When and where did this movement take place?
  •     What are some examples of its influence on society during this time period?
  •     Who are famous people (artists, scholars, theologians, etc.) from this era?
  •     Tell about the church during this time period.
  •     Tell about Renaissance architecture.
  •     Tell about Renaissance fashion.
  •     My opinion of the Renaissance is . . .


Age:  Gr. 3+
Focus:  Fact Recall
Theme:  Renaissance





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