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Counting with Roman Numerals

Some of the first things that children learn about in math are what are numerals, their names and how to count. From there they begin learning numeral significance and basic number sentences. We know how hard it can be sometimes to keep math spicy and fun for your children because we are homeschoolers too! Variety is said to be the spice of life, and we've carried that thought right into our math game closet with this fun, bright and colorful counter set.

Download, print out, cut apart and use our Roman numeral themed counters.

Help children learn the first 36 numbers as well as Roman numerals. Play matching games with a set of each included in the file or create two sets of each for other matching games. Suggestions for learning play are included.


Age:  Elementary +
Focus:  Numbers from 1-36 including Roman Numerals, Math Symbols: + - ÷ = < >
Theme:  Roman numerals, ancient civilization studies, history

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Create DateJune 17, 2013
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