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Rose Theme Mini-Book Keepsake Pages

Help Learners Store and Organize Their Mini-Books with Rose Theme Mini-Book Keepsake Pages.

Young girls will like the decorative style of this Rose Theme Mini-Book Keepsake Pages that feature little individual red roses, which are also the symbol of love and are popular in celebrating St. Valentine's day.  Able to store up to four mini-books per set, these sheets were specially designed for our basic quarter-page mini-book of eight pages. This resource allows two books to be glued onto each page using a special left and right-hand layout. Students can easily place the pages in a 3-ring binder utilizing a standard 3-hole punch. Datelines are also provided.

Themes of books do not necessarily need to match or correspond to particular keepsake pages.


Age: Elem+
Focus: Mini-book storage
Theme: Roses, flowers

Rose Theme Mini-Book Keepsake Pages
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