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Teach About Sacramentals with Your Calendar!

This is a great way to teach children and those new to the faith about sacramentals and the things that really make our Catholic Faith rich and unique. This resource was designed for CCD or Religious Education classes and home catechesis.

This calendar is interactive as it asks the question "What am I?" for each day during the month. Monthly headers are provided for the entire year so that this calendar can be used during any liturgical season or month throughout the year. This really is a great teaching tool. Answers for each picture are provided on the last page.

As this tactile calendar reinforces concepts of time for young ones, you can add loads of fun to your learning month. Decorations are provided for all the months during the year, and each day of the month is represented.

Print out the file and cut apart the pieces on the lines. You can use cardstock for durability or laminate plain paper pieces for longevity. Then arrange and affix your pieces to your prepared poster-board or bulletin board with numbers in the main squares, titles at the top and decals where desired.

Use your personal creativity in setting up this calendar on a bulletin board or create your own template.  Start with a plain dime store poster-board marked with a grid of seven columns by six rows, which includes space for the days of the week to be written in. Don't forget to leave a bit of space to put on the border decorations!

Note:  Once laminated, you may want to consider affixing velcro to the back of the pieces as well as the poster board to allow for easy removal and to give learners the opportunity to change the theme and assemble the calendar on a monthly basis.


Age:  Any+
Focus:  Monthly Calendar
Theme:  Sacramentals, liturgical colors

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Create DateJuly 8, 2013
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