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Saint Mini-Book Unit Study

The Saint Mini-Book Unit Study Encourages Kids to Learn About Some Great Saints.

Learn about some of the greatest heroes that ever lived with the Saint Mini-Book Unit Study that focuses on the Holy Saints, some of whom are recognized as Doctors of the Catholic Church.

Saint Mini-Book Unit Study

This project includes templates and prompted eight-page mini-books to highlight God's holy heroes, the Saints.

The mini-books included in this Saint Mini-Book Unit Study highlight the following saints

St. Elizabeth of Hungary
St. Cecilia
St. Nicholas
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
St. Isidore
St. Christopher
St. Gregory the Great
St. Giles
St. Philomena
St. Sebastian
St. Luke
St. Francis of Assisi
St. Martha
St. Roch
St. Anthony of Padua
St. Joseph of Cupertino

This Saint Mini-Book Unit Study also contains five multicolor keepsake pages (left and right) and one cover.

The finished project contains spaces for the sixteen books of the specified saints above plus two keepsake pages for learners to select four Saint books focusing on the doctors of the church.

There are sixteen individual .PDF files in this project. They are all contained within one zipped file (.zip) to reduce our members' download time and bandwidth usage.  This file can be saved and then opened from your local drive.

How to Use the Saint Mini-Book Unit Study

1. Download the Unit. It is a zipped file, and you will need to unzip it as it contains many files, including the mini-books, instructions, listings of the Doctors of the Church, Keepsake memory pages, and unit cover sheet.

2. Print out the individual files. Instructions are given on the first page of the unit file. Books should be printed on regular paper. Memory pages are designed to be printed double-sided on cardstock but will work single-sided as well. We use cardstock so that when our little books are attached, the pages will be sturdy.

3. Assemble the Unit Pages. Bind memory pages using a comb binder, 3-ring binder, duo-tang, metal brads, or other bindings of choice.

4. Create the Mini-Books. Have children create books through writing and/or drawing as they learn from resources from your own home, parish library, the local library, the Internet, textbooks, videos, etc., about the highlighted saints.

The printable mini-books in this unit study have writing prompts. They require learners to research and fill in basic information about the featured Saint, including when and where they lived, their patronage, special symbols, and when we may find their intercession necessary and helpful.

Feel free to let learners take real ownership of their projects by allowing them to make them as fancy as they like using colored pencils, crayons, or other art supplies. A good dictionary and thesaurus are great tools to give them and encourage the use of new vocabulary and accurate spelling.

5. Attach the Mini-Books. Affix mini-books to the keepsake pages in their proper place. There is a designated spot for each book. In some units, you are free to rearrange the order of the keepsake pages to meet your family's needs. Be certain to mark the date in as well as your learner is sure to come back to this finished project over and over.

Students can do this project over a week, month or year to add variation to usual religious education lessons at home or in the formal classroom.  In a class setting, you may want to assign each learner an individual saint mini-book to complete and keep the completed project for class reference or for visitors to see.

Additionally, learning outcomes that require research using multiple resources can easily be met with this printable project on the saints.

If you have an oversized wall map, you may want to incorporate your geography studies into this project. Students can mark the places on the map where saints were born, died, had adventures, or performed miracles using map pins color-coded to match particular Saints. Remember to mount your map to a bulletin or display board before using your map pins.

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Age:  Any
Focus:  Saints
Theme:  Saint Mini-Book Unit Study, Doctors of the Church