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Saints Peter and Paul Picture Puzzle

Encourage Kids to Learn About Two Key People in the Early Church with the Saints Peter and Paul Picture Puzzle.

Invite children to learn about two great saints who led the early church using a picture puzzle game. It features the two men, including some of their symbols, in the artwork of Crevili and the sentence: Saints Peter and Paul were important to the early church.

How to Use the Saints Peter and Paul Picture Puzzle

This Montessori-style game is simple to use. First, cut the playing pieces out on the lines provided. Next, mix the parts up. Then have players match the pieces to recreate the image and encourage quote knowledge and mastery. The puzzle also includes a control card and a quote card.

Older learners can use this game to commit the provided statement to memory. The Bible passage comes from the Douay-Rheims Translation of the Holy Bible.

The game is quite versatile as it has four different levels of play - 4, 9, 12, and 20 pieces. Upon completion of play, store all the parts in a small stationery envelope. Repeat play for review as necessary.
Saints Peter and Paul Picture Puzzle
Age: Elem+
Focus: Picture puzzle, game
Theme: Saints Peter and Paul

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Saints Peter and Paul Picture Puzzle
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