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Plan Out the Day with an Inquisitive Scuba Diver

Find lots of little spaces to list the day’s activities on this daily assignment sheet.  Whether it is a reminder for daily reading, getting thirty minutes of exercise, or completing learning tasks or chores, this sheet can be very useful. There is even a mini examination of conscience built into it to help your youngster reflect on events of the day.

This sheet encourages the development of time management skills, daily routines and personal accountability. Designed for learners in Gr. 3-6, these daily assignment sheets can also be used outside of these grades as well, if interest is shown.  The block design supports the learner striving to grow in independence.

The following areas are included in this resource.

  •     Things to Do Today check-off section
  •     Reading check-off section
  •     Do check-off section
  •     Reminders for Daily Prayer
  •     My Goals Today
  •     Chores for Today, including suggestions
  •     Gentle daily encouragement and reminder for virtue development


Age:  Gr.3-6
Focus:  Completion of daily assignments and activities, time management
Theme:  Scuba diver, ocean

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