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Help Children Learn About What Makes Each Holy Sacrament Unique and Essential to Our Soul and Salvation with Our Seven Sacraments Match-Up Game.

The sacraments are perhaps the richest part of the Catholic faith.

Sacraments are outward signs of inward grace, instituted by Christ for our sanctification. (Catechismus concil. Trident., n.4, ex St. Augustine, "De Catechizandis rudibus").

Use the Seven Sacraments Match-Up Game to teach the seven sacraments using representative images and descriptive clues.

How to Use the Seven Sacraments Match-Up Game

First, print out the pieces. Next, cut the pieces apart as indicated in the instructions. Laminate for durability.

This game focuses on helping children recall the seven sacraments by name and the details of each. Players must match the clues for each sacrament to its proper title piece. This game may be played alone, in teams, or in small groups. An answer sheet is provided for easy reference.

This is a great game for use in your homeschool, classroom, or in CCD or Religious Education classes. Designed for elementary-aged learners, it can be a fun ice breaker game for your next catechist team meeting.


Age: Gr. 2+
Focus: Seven sacraments of the Catholic church
Theme: Sacraments, seven sacraments, game

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