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Fun Seven Sacraments Poster Set Helps Commit Meaning to Memory.

This Seven Sacraments Poster set can help solidify the message that God's love is at the heart of each sacrament!

Easily decorate your classroom, hallway, or learning area with posters featuring endearing cartoon hearts representing each of the Seven Sacraments. This bright, colorful 8-page poster set is sure to be eye-catching for young Catholics. It is the perfect review tool - especially for upper elementary and youth. Although the images used on the posters are cute, joyful, and modern, their symbolism is solid and straightforward.

Seven Sacraments Poster Set sample

Print out the posters and arrange as needed. Some teachers may want to highlight the collection with the included title page.

Many viewers will find it hard not to smile when viewing the set. The pages can even be used as discussion starters for a youth group meeting. Remind young Catholics not only is God's love at the core and "heart" of each sacrament, but we too should receive the sacraments with love and joy.

This Seven Sacraments Poster Set is an attractive learning tool that many teachers and youth leaders as sure to find useful and helpful.

Age: Mid-Elem+
Focus: Classroom decoration
Theme: Seven Sacraments, poster

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