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Sheep of the Shepherd Matching Game

Remind Little Ones That Christ Is Our Shepherd, and We Are His Flock By Playing the Sheep of the Shepherd Matching Game.

The Sheep of the Shepherd Matching Game can be used to start a dialog with very young children to teach them that Jesus is the Good Shepherd and that His followers are His flock.

This concentration or memory matching game can be engaging for toddlers and preschoolers. It helps with color recognition and visual matching skills, plus it's a fun game that can be played by one or more than one player. The oversized pieces and sweet sheep images are sure to bring lots of smiles.

How to Use the Sheep of the Shepherd Matching Game

First, read through the instructions and then print out the appropriate number of playing piece sheets. Next, cut the pieces apart. Before playing the game, share the premise of the game with your young learner. Some teachers may want to read the passage from John 10:1-16, while others may want to give a simple overview and share one idea about Jesus.

Here are some ideas to share with young children based on this parable. Adjust the wording as necessary.

· Jesus cares for us and loves each of us.
· Jesus knows each of us and wants us to get to know Him.
· Jesus wants everyone to become part of His flock.
· A good shepherd is willing to give His life for the safety of His flock. Jesus died for us. He wanted to save us from sin and death, and give those who believe in Him eternal life with Him in Heaven.
· Just as a shepherd feeds His sheep, Christ feeds us during Holy Communion with His Body and Blood.

After introducing the game, set-up the pieces as directed in the instructions included in the file. Lastly, play the game in a traditional memory match fashion. Have the player turn over two shapes. Keep pairs that match and turn over the cards that do not match. Repeat until all the pairs are found.

Age: Wee+
Focus: Visual matching, color recognition
Theme: Christ is the Good Shepherd, and we are His flock; sheep; matching game; Montessori games

Sheep of the Shepherd Matching Game
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