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The Six Days of Creation Learning Cube Helps Kids Think About What God Made for Us.

Create this paper Six Days of Creation Learning Cube to help students to think about the week of Creation. This tangible game can help them focus on what God made for us and the order that He provided everything good. This interactive paper game is an excellent resource for class or small-group play or as a take-home tool.

Six Days of Creation Learning Cube for Kids

How to use the six-sided Six Days of Creation Learning Cube

First, cut the cube out on the lines provided. Next, fold and tape or glue the sides into place to assemble the cube. Then, have players take turns rolling the cube and answering the questions in a small group or with a friend. The questions presented ask what God created on specific days during the week of Creation. For example, what did God create on the first day? Some days may have multiple acceptable answers. A handy reference sheet is provided as well as Scripture references.

Playing with this learning cube is a great way to promote discussion and sharing, although you may desire to use it as a class warm-up or to fill the last few minutes of a class period.

Age: Elem+
Focus: Fact recall; game
Theme: Creation; learning cube

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