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Learn About Those Who Serve Us

Use our graphic organizer template to note the virtues or positive attributes (adjectives) of the soldier image pictured in the center. There is also a blank template for you in case you would like to place or draw a picture of a military hero - a family member, friend, or public figure - and note the virtues or positive attributes that this person personified.

This resource is the perfect compliment to a lesson on servitude, courage or obedience.

Colored and grayscale variations are provided.

This themed set can be useful to help children understand that Remembrance Day, Armed Forces Day, or Veteran's Day is a day to remember all those who have gone before us securing our rights and freedoms and those of others, as well as to honor those who are still serving and peacekeeping around the world.


Age:  Elem+
Focus:  Adjectives, social studies
Theme:  Soldier, military

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