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St. Christopher Cupcake Topper

Celebrate the Saints with Our St. Christopher Cupcake Topper!

Create a simple St. Christopher Cupcake Topper to celebrate the sainthood of St. Christopher, the ferryman who is famous for taking the Christ Child across a river on his shoulders. There are nine identical toppers on this one-page download. A fun, colorful design features an image of St. Christopher by Titian.

St. Christopher Cupcake Topper 2

How to Use the St. Christopher Cupcake Topper

First, cut the discs out on the dotted lines. Next, affix to decoration to a coffee stir stick, long toothpick, or skewer. Finally, insert the piece into the center of a cupcake. This little cupcake decoration is perfect to celebrate a feast day, introduce a namesake, or incorporate into an All Saints' Day celebration.
Age: Any
Focus: Saint study, party needs
Theme: Saint Christopher, cupcake topper, cupcake decoration

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St. Christopher Cupcake Topper
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