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Focus on Saint Study with the St. Denis Mini-Book.

This printable St. Denis Mini-Book is prompted and requires learners to research and fill in basic biographical information about St. Denis- a bishop and martyr.

Encourage learners to put their thoughts and creativity to work in creating this mini-book that they can write or illustrate. This resource features eight pages, including a title page.

How to Use the St. Denis Mini-Book

First, print the desired template out. Next, cut the pages apart on the dotted lines. Then, stack the pages in numbered order and staple them together. Finally, have students fill in the needed information.

Finished mini-books may be glued onto one of our Mini-Book Keeper Pages to create a library of your student's work or document their learning.

We encourage you to use resources you already have on hand or can easily access online or from your parish library to fill in the needed information. Mini-books are the perfect additions to unit studies, CCD or Religious Education classes, or even as an attachment to a learning notebook.

Two versions of the St. Denis Mini-Book are included in this file. One presents blank pages for more creativity, while the other has writing prompts.

Writing prompts in this resource include the following.
Who is this saint?
What is so special about him?
When and where did he live?
When is his feast day, and of who or what is he the patron saint?
What is his special symbol?
Give an instance when one might call on St. Denis for intercession.
My Favorite fact about St. Denis is . . .

Age: Mid-Elem+
Focus: Saint study, developing research skills
Theme: Saint Denis, mini-book

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