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St. John the Baptist Plot Cards

St. John the Baptist Plot Cards Can Help Children Recall the Life of This Great Saint.

Learning about or recalling some of the events in the life of the herald of the Messiah can be a fun and interesting activity by using our Montessori-style tactile story plot cards. Classic art images help assist in fact recall while simple text appeals to young readers in the St. John the Baptist Plot Cards.

Cut apart the cards and have learners reorder them to tell the story or use the cards to prompt individual narrations. An answer card is provided to allow children to check their own knowledge or work with a partner. Only twelve event cards are featured in this game.

This resource is very appropriate to use to celebrate the nativity or martyrdom of St. John the Baptist or to use during the season of Advent.
Age: K-4
Focus: Narration, ordering events
Theme: St. John the Baptist