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St. Joseph's Match the Tools Game

St. Joseph's Match the Tools Game Honors the Patron Saint of Carpenters.

Saint Joseph was a carpenter or builder by trade. He would have taught Jesus carpentry skills too. This St. Joseph's Match the Tools Game focuses on some early, basic tools used by carpenters.

How to Use the St. Joseph's Match the Tools Game

In honor of St. Joseph, help children learn about some tools that early carpenters used, as they match up pictures of implements in a classic concentration style game.

First, print out playing pieces and cut them apart on the dotted lines as indicated. Each set of pieces depicts a different tool. Next, turn cards face-down, then mix them up well. Deal cards out, face down, to create two rows of seven cards and one row of eight cards. Finally, ask the player to flip over two cards. If the images on the cards match up to create an identical pair, then remove them from play. If the cards do not match, they should be turned back over to hide the tool image once again. The player should be encouraged to remember the position of particular cards to create future matching pairs with ease. Repeat until the player finds all matches.

St. Joseph's Match the Tools Game

Age: Elem+
Focus: Saint study, game, tools
Theme: St. Joseph

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St. Joseph
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