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St. Paul the Apostle Saint Party Pack

Create a Booth for a Fun All Saints' Day Party Using the St. Paul the Apostle Saint Party Pack.

St. Paul was considered an apostle of Christ and is known as one of the greatest missionaries and preachers of the Christian faith. He preached and traveled tirelessly for thirty years, promoting the Gospel and established churches in Greece and Asia Minor. The congregations flourished mostly because of Paul's encouragement by visits and sending divinely inspired letters and writings (epistles), which make up thirteen books of the New Testament of the Bible. Our St. Paul the Apostle Saint Party Pack helps young Catholics learn about this great saint.

This St. Paul the Apostle Saint Party Pack includes the following thematic printables.

-Saint Poster
-Saint Profile Sheet
-Printable Saint Trading Card
-Saint Game: Order the Letters from St. Paul
-Saint Banner and Assembly Instructions

When combined, these printable resources help create a fun and decorative booth for use with our All Saints' Day Party Pack. This station will allow children to see the Saint's image, read a biography sheet about him, and play a thematic game. After playing the game, each participant should be given a Printable Saint Trading Card featuring St. Paul the Apostle. They should also have the proper space on their party punch card filled-in. (The Party Punch Card can be found in the All Saints' Day Party Pack.)

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Age: Any
Focus: Saint StudyAll Saints' Day
Theme: St. Paul the Apostle Saint party pack

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St. Paul the Apostle Saint Party Pack
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