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St. Stephen Cupcake Topper

Help Young Catholics Celebrate St. Stephen!

Create a simple, quick cupcake topper to celebrate the life and sainthood of St. Stephen the first martyr of the Church.

There are nine identical toppers on this one-page download. A fun, colorful design features an image of St. Stephen in martyrdom.

To use this printable cupcake topper simply cut the discs out on the dotted lines, and then affix to stick, coffee stir stick, long toothpick, or skewer. Insert piece into the center of a cupcake.
All Saints Day cupcake decoration featuring St. Stephen

This little cupcake decoration is perfect to celebrate a feast day, introduce a namesake, or incorporate into an All Saints' Day celebration.

Age: Any
Focus: Saint study
Theme: St. Stephen cupcake topper, cupcake decoration

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St. Stephen Cupcake Topper
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