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Stations of the Cross Mini-Book

Recall God's Saving Love with the Stations of the Cross Mini-Book.

This little Stations of the Cross Mini-Book can help children become more familiar with the devotion of the Way of the Cross. It can be added to unit studies, used in F3 projects, or included in CCD and religious ed. classes.

How to Use the Stations of the Cross Mini-Book

First, print the pages out—this mini-book has eight pages, including a title and end page. Next, cut the pages apart and stack them in numerical page order. Then, staple the pages together as marked and fill in the information. This mini-book does not include writing prompts to allow more space for creativity, illustrations, and narration.

Some may want to glue the completed booklet onto one of our Mini-Book Keepsake Pages to document learning, while others will want to keep it loose to share with others. Advanced learners can use these little books for narration, defining terms, drawing diagrams, or other learning tasks.

Teachers are encouraged to have kids use resources already on hand, easily accessible online, or from your school or parish library to help provide the needed information.

Age:  Elem+
Focus:  Fact recall
Theme:  Stations of the Cross, Mini-books

Stations of the Cross Mini-Book
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