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Montessori Cards Focus on the Way of the Cross

Help build your child's knowledge of the Passion of our Lord with this set of Montessori Cards featuring the Stations of the Cross.

This set includes the fourteen Stations of the Cross using pictures of the beautiful mosaic artwork from our local church. Simply print out sheets and cut apart to use.

Dr. Maria Montessori had a unique idea and philosophy of teaching children to learn about important ideas and their world around them by interacting with it with fun, life, and play. Through learning practical skills and fostering independent exploration, children make discoveries and connections that lead to a true understanding. A devout and practicing Catholic, Montessori also believed that children should be involved in their faith, including the Holy Mass. We, too, believe this to be true and have tried to create materials that allow children to become more familiar with tools, articles, and traditions of the Catholic faith.

Montessori, the method of learning by doing, is very inviting to many teachers and families. By teaching children through everyday tasks and experiential learning, a stress free and very encouraging learning atmosphere is created. Montessori cards are used to teach vocabulary terms, reading skills, word and picture associations, as well as help build memory skill. Here are a few ideas on how to use these Catholic Montessori cards.

1. Name the picture on each card.

2. Play matching games with two identical sets of cards.

3. Sort a group of cards by topic criteria.

4. Recall narrative details about the topic (explain all you know about the material.)

5. Relate pictures in the set to one another.

Age:  Any
Focus:  Fact recall, picture recognition
Theme:  Stations of the Cross, the Passion of Christ, Way of the Cross