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Blank Template Features a Story Pocket Organizer

Use this blank template to create your own F3 (Flip, Flap, Fold) pieces on whatever topic you desire.  This resource is compatible with traditional lapbook projects.

Print out the pieces; then cut along the main outline.  Create a miniature pocket folder by folding pieces on the dotted lines.  The rounded rectangles can be used to write in titles for the pages inserted in the pockets.  Print out as many pages as needed.  Pockets could contain a story, illustrations for a story, character references, timeline pieces for a particular period of time or the chronological events in the plot of a story.

Write, draw or glue information on each of the square pieces as desired.  Feel free to tape together folders to create a longer accordion style folder.  If needed, place glue on the back of the last piece and affix it to an F3 Folder, learning notebook or scrapbook, or other project of choice.


Age:  Any
Focus:  Fine motor skills, narration
Theme:  F3 (Flip, Flap, Fold) blank template

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Create DateJune 26, 2013
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