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Syllable Symphony of Fall

Celebrate Fall One Sound at a Time with the Syllable Symphony of Fall.

The Syllable Symphony of Fall introduces or reviews the concept of syllable sounds with children as they learn to say and spell the names of various favorite fall-themed things. Syllable Symphony has a neat twist. It is played like bingo but uses a specific number of musical note graphics to represent the syllable sounds in a particular word. It is simple to make and play.

This fall-themed game can even be helpful for non-readers. Parents or teachers could read the words, and the child would only need to count the syllable sounds. They could even use clapping, if necessary. It is fast to complete, and groups could play several rounds within 15 minutes. The words used feature words that are one to five syllables. With golden orange playing boards, one can't help get into the seasonal change with a smile.

The Syllable Symphony of Fall game is suitable for eight players and is a six-page download, including the boards, calling cards, instructions, and word key. You supply the markers, including coins, buttons, beans, or even macaroni.

Featured words include fall, leaves, rake, frost, saints, souls, celebration, hibernation, festivity, autumn, harvest, thankful, apple, scarecrow, pumpkin, veterans, migration, equinox, bountiful, and more.

Age:  Elem+
Focus:  Phonics games
Theme:  Distinguishing and counting syllables in words, fall

Syllable Symphony of Fall
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