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Boost Self-Confidence as Children Talk About the Skills They Possess.

Create this paper cube to help learners think about, acknowledge and tell about their talents in a fun and interactive way. This is a great resource for class, team, or small-group play as well as a take-home tool.

This six sided resource will present the following tasks to be completed by the player who rolls the cube.

Name a talent that you can use to serve God.
Share a talent that you have.
Name a skill you learned a long time ago.
Name a talent that you can use to serve others.
Name a skill that you are learning now.
Name a skill you would like to learn.

This is a great way to promote discussion and sharing, although you may desire to use it as a class warm-up or to fill the last few minutes of a class period.

Age: Any
Focus: Talents, skills, sharing in teams or small groups
Theme: Acknowledging and recognizing personal skills and talents

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