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Tell the Testament Game

Teach About the Bible As You Introduce Young Catholics to St. Jerome.

Saints can help us get to know better God’s Word. St. Jerome translated both the New Testament and the Old Testament of the Holy Bible from Hebrew to Latin. He is one of the best authorities on the Holy Scripture of the Church. He is the patron saint of librarians.

Tell About the Testaments Game Inspired by St. Jerome

Help children learn about the Testaments and some of the books of the Holy Bible.  In this game, players will sort books of the Bible into the proper Testament. Print out and cut apart the playing pieces. Mix up the cards and sort them into their proper groupings. An answer sheet is provided.

This game does not feature all of the books of the Bible in order to be more manageable for young players. It is meant to be an introduction to the Holy Bible.

Age: Elem+
Focus: Saint study
Theme: St. Jerome, Books of the Bible, Old Testament, New Testament, game

Tell the Testament Game
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