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Ten Commandments Poster Set

Teach About God's Laws with Our Ten Commandments Poster Set.

Decorate your classroom, hallway, or learning area with the Ten Commandments Poster Set for intermediate grades and youth. This bright, colorful poster set is sure to be eye-catching for young Catholics. The 10-pages feature cartoon characters illustrating the commandments using real-world examples. Find such activities as doing homework, speaking out against bullying, taking selfies, talking on the cellphone, shopping, and more. From Jesus welcoming us with open arms to a priest who excitedly shares the Holy Eucharist, the images selected to illustrate each commandment are sure to resonate with learners.
Ten Commandments Poster Set
Designed for slightly older learners (grade 7+) some teachers may want to use it as a discussion starter in their next class or youth group meeting. Sometimes the characters on the poster are following the commandment and doing the right thing while other times they are not.

This Ten Commandments Poster Set is an attractive learning tool that many teachers of intermediate aged learners will find useful and helpful.

Age: Grade 7+
Focus: Classroom decoration
Theme: Ten Commandments, poster

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Ten Commandments Poster Set
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