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That Weekly Liturgy Lesson - 1st Sunday of Lent (Cycle C) Can Help Kids to Understand the Gospel.

Use That Weekly Liturgy Lesson - 1st Sunday of Lent (Cycle C) to help teach children about Lent and that it is the time to mend our hearts and do God's will. The inspiration for this lesson is the Gospel of St. Luke 4:1-13, Christ's temptation in the desert by the devil.

In this week’s Gospel, we find Jesus fasting in the desert. Jesus is experiencing the struggles of humanity in the most real way, apart from His divinity. The devil chooses this time to tempt Christ but is unsuccessful. As we begin our Lenten journey and answer the call to pray, fast and give alms, we must remember that man doesn’t live only on bread, but also by the will of God. We must mend our hearts, fight temptation, and resolve to do the will of our heavenly Father.

This fun unit study is suited for a CCD or Religious Education class, and it may also be used for Sunday School programs or as homeschool materials.

That Weekly Liturgy Lesson - 1st Sunday of Lent (Cycle C) unit study includes:
-Student and Teacher Cover Sheets
-Student lesson Worksheets
-Inclusive Teacher Guide
-Set of 4 Notebooking sheets
-8 Word wall terms: tempted, abandon, painful, Lent, God’s will, fast, mend, confession
-Fight Temptation Display Activity
-Avoid a Broken Heart, Fight Temptation Poster
-In Lent, I Can Mend My Heart Coloring Sheet
-1st Sunday in Lent, Christ's Temptation in the Desert Mini-Book
-Christ's Temptation in the Desert Word Search Puzzle
-I'm Fighting Temptation Wearable Medallion
-Christ's Temptation in the Desert Picture Puzzle - 3 Levels - 4pc, 9pc, 12pc
-Put It in Order ~ The Sign of the Cross Game (English)
-Put It in Order ~ The Signum Crucis (Sign of the Cross) Game (Latin)
-How to Fight Temptation Get the Gospel Trading Card

That Weekly Liturgy Lesson - 1st Sunday of Lent (Cycle C)
This lesson provides opportunities for Scripture reading, class or small group discussion, writing, drawing, and coloring.

Teachers should use the materials and activities to fit the needs or abilities of students or to meet the allotted class schedule.
Age: Gr. 2-5
Week: First Sunday of Lent (Cycle C)
Focus: Christ's Temptation in the Desert
Theme: Lent is the time to mend our hearts and do God's will.
Gospel: Luke 4:1-13
CCC: 538-540, 566, 1355, 1385-1387, 1415, 1438, 2042, 2157, 2340, 2612
Canon: 987-989, 1249-1253
Other References: Pope Benedict XVI, The Angelus, First Sunday of Lent, February 21, 2010

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