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That Weekly Liturgy Lesson – 4th Sunday in Easter (Cycle C) Can Help Kids to Understand the Gospel.

Use That Weekly Liturgy Lesson – 4th Sunday in Easter (Cycle C) to help teach children that Jesus is the Good Shepherd and that priests are Christ's shepherds. The inspiration for this lesson is the Gospel of St. John 10:27-30.

In this week’s Gospel, Christ explains that He is the Good Shepherd. Jesus reveals that He knows each one of His followers; they hear His voice and follow Him. We are Christ’s sheep, and He will always protect us and care for us because He loves us. Through the Church, priests work as Christ’s shepherds. They carry on His saving ministry of love in the modern world. They have a special calling to guide and lead Christ’s flock.

This fun unit study is suited for a CCD or Religious Education class, and it may also be used for Sunday School programs or as homeschool materials.

That Weekly Liturgy Lesson – 4th Sunday in Easter (Cycle C) unit study includes:

-Student and Teacher Cover Sheets
-Student Lesson Worksheets
-Inclusive Teacher Guide
-Priests Are Christ’s Shepherds Coloring Sheet
-Four Facts About Priests Get the Gospel Trading Card
-Priests Are Christ’s Shepherds Display Activity & Poster
-P-R-I-E-S-T Acrostic Poem Activity
-The Good Shepherd Picture Puzzle  - 4 Levels - 4pc, 9pc, 12pc, 20pc
-Jesus Is the Good Shepherd Learning Card
-Six Lesson Terms Word Wall Pieces (Messiah, Good Shepherd, trained, Apostles, calling, priests)
-Write About It Notebooking Set (5 sheets)
-4th Sunday in Easter, The Good Shepherd Mini-Book

This lesson provides opportunities for Scripture reading, class or small group discussion, writing, drawing, and coloring.

Teachers should use the materials and activities to fit the needs or abilities of students or to meet the allotted class schedule.
Age: Gr. 2-5
Week: Fourth Sunday of Easter (Cycle C)
Focus: The Good Shepherd
Theme: Priests are Christ's shepherds
Gospel: John 10:27-30
CCC:  753-754, 1554-1568, 1575-1584, 1589

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