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Focus on the Sunday Gospel for Palm Sunday.

Use this unit study to help teach children about Holy Week and that God wants us to be with Him heaven.  This lesson is based on the account of the Passion of the Lord in Luke 22:14-23:56.

In this week’s Gospel, Jesus enters the Holy City, Jerusalem, for the last time. We then hear the account of the Passion and are reminded of God’s love for every single person. As we see the wretchedness of our sinful selves calling for the crucifixion of Jesus, we are also washed with God’s mercy and made to know that Jesus wants us to be with Him for eternity at all costs.

This fun unit study is suited for a CCD or Religious Education class. It may also be used for Sunday School programs or as homeschool materials.

This unit study includes:
-Student and Teacher Cover Sheets
-Student lesson Worksheets
-Inclusive Teacher Guide
-Set of 2 Notebooking sheets
-6 Word wall terms:  passion, institutes, crucified, eternity, heaven, infinitely
-Decorative Thematic Poster
-Holy Week Display Activity
-I Want to Be in Heaven with Jesus Coloring Sheet
-Palm Sunday, Jesus Dies on the Cross for Our Sins Mini-Book
-Jesus Dies on the Cross for Our Sins Picture Puzzle - 4 Levels - 4pc, 9pc, 12pc, 20pc
-Jesus Dies on the Cross for Our Sins Word Search Puzzle
-Holy Week Montessori Match-Up Game
-Events of Holy Week Poster Set
-How to Get to Heaven Get the Gospel Trading Card




There are opportunities in this lesson for Scripture reading, class or small group discussion, writing, drawing, and coloring. Teachers are encouraged to use the lesson and activities to fit the needs or abilities of students, or to meet the allotted class schedule.

If this is the first lesson you have used in this year's Liturgy Lesson series, please download the Weekly Liturgy Lesson Instruction Packet for this school year.

Age: Gr. 2-5
Week: Palm Sunday (Cycle C)
Focus: Jesus dies on the cross for our sins.
Theme: Jesus wants us to be with Him in heaven.
Gospel: Luke 22:14-23:56
CCC:  572, 602-616


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