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Celebrate the Transcendent Trio - St. Michael, St. Raphael and St. Gabriel - The Archangels.

Help children learn about the three archangels, whose feast day we celebrate annually on Sept.29th. Known collectively as the Transcendent Trio, these Saints are distinctive and serve God in unique ways. From announcing Christ's incarnation, to defending heaven, to accompanying young Tobit on his journey, the Archangels have served the Lord as required.

This printable offers four identical cards on the page. Simply cut the strips apart, fold on the dotted lines, and glue to complete. Laminate the cards for a polished look and durability. These cards are perfect to use in CCD or Religious Education classes, youth group meetings and even to give out in Sunday school programs.

Age: Any
Focus: Saint study
Theme: Archangels, St. Michael, St. Gabriel, St. Raphael