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The Bible Librarian Game

Help Kids Become Familiar with Scripture with the Bible Librarian Game.

The Bible Librarian Game challenges kids to be a librarian of sorts. They will become familiar with the order, titles, and types of books found in Holy Scripture as they play this Montessori game. There are multiple versions for play using the pieces and a handy reference sheet. Teachers can use this hands-on game in a group or individual setting.

How to Use The Bible Librarian Game

First, print the sheets out on paper, heavier bond paper, or cardstock. Next, cut the book pieces and title cards apart on the dotted lines. Laminate all pieces for durability if desired. Three versions for play are provided, and the instructions are included in the file. One version has players arrange the books in the order that they appear in the Bible. Another asks players to collect and sort books based on whether they are found in the Old Testament or the New Testament of the Bible. A third version requires youngsters to organize and sort the books based on the Canonical categories of Books of the Law, Historical Books, Wisdom Books, Prophetical Books, Gospels, and The Acts and Epistles.

This game is based on the Catholic Bible. Books are provided in the titles of new standard publishing as well as the Douay-Rheims Translation.

Age: Mid-Elem+
Theme: Books and parts of the Bible, Montessori
Focus: Bible, books

The Bible Librarian Game
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