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The Four Evangelists Mini-Book

Help Young Catholics Learn About the Authors of the Gospel with the Four Evangelists Mini-Book.

The Four Evangelists Mini-Book is a little eight-page book that can help young Catholics learn and research the Four Evangelists - Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John - the authors of the Gospels. 

Encourage learners to put their thoughts and creativity to work, creating this mini-book to write and illustrate.  This resource features eight pages, including a title and an end page, and includes writing prompts. Print out the pages and cut them out on the dotted lines. Stack and staple the pages together, then have students fill them in. 

Some may want to glue the completed booklet onto one of our Mini-Book Keepsake Pages to create a library of work or document learning.

Writing prompts in the Four Evangelists Mini-Book

What are the names of the four evangelists?
What did they do?
What are the Gospels?
Which Gospels tell about Jesus' birth?
Which story from the Gospel is your favorite?
Draw a picture to illustrate the four evangelists.

An instructor can successfully use this resource for either home or classroom catechesis.

Age: Elem+
Focus: Fact recall, Mini-book
Theme: The Evangelists

The Four Evangelists Mini-Book
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