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The Holy Family 3-Part Montessori Cards Set

Teach About Jesus, Mary, and Joseph with the Holy Family 3-part Montessori Card Set.
Use The Holy Family 3-Part Montessori Card Set to encourage students to explore art as they view images of the Holy Family from famous artists such as Bayeu, Champaigne, Murillo, Coypel, Rohden, Bloch, and others.

Children can learn at their own pace or through play using this nine-card set of Montessori cards. These beautiful, little cards can help children identify the details of Christ's family and life. Some particular events highlighted in this set include the Nativity of the Lord, the Presentation in the Temple, and the Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple, all of which are Joyful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary.

How to Use the Holy Family 3-Part Montessori Card Set

Each card is presented with a control card as well as a separate picture portion and title piece. Prepare the cards by cutting the pieces apart on the white space between the boxes.

One way to use the Montessori cards is to have children match title cards with image cards and check their selections using the control cards.

Some learners may enjoy just looking at the cards, while others may like the challenge of putting some of the events in chronological order. Students can also play a game of concentration when two sets of control cards are printed out and prepared for use.

TIP: Print the cards on cardstock or heavier bond paper if the set will be used a lot. Some teachers may want to laminate the finished pieces for longevity, much handling, and repeated use.

Age: Any
Focus: Art, the Holy Family
Theme: The Holy Family, Montessori cards

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