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The Immaculate Heart of Mary Paper Medallion

Encourage Catholic Children to Learn About Mary's Immaculate Heart.

Help children to remember that the Blessed Virgin Mary has an immaculate heart filled with love for her Son and all people.  Because of this, she is a very powerful intercessor.  The medal features a beautiful image of the Blessed Virgin Mary displaying her Immaculate Heart and the phrase, "The Immaculate Heart of Mary!"

This two-page set contains two identical medals per page.  One page features the paper medallion in color, and the other page features a copy of it in grayscale.  To use this printable, cut the ornaments out, punch a hole at the top where indicated, and thread the hole with a piece of yarn. Write the name of the recipient in the space provided.

This medal may be distributed to reinforce a lesson on the Blessed Virgin Mary or to celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary or May as the Month dedicated to Mary.

Age: Wee+
Focus: lesson reinforcement
Theme: Mary, Immaculate Heart of Mary, paper medallions, medal

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The Immaculate Heart of Mary Paper Medallion
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