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The Immaculate Heart of Mary Paper Medallion

The Immaculate Heart of Mary Paper Medallion Is a Good Teaching Tool.

Help children to remember that the Blessed Virgin Mary has an immaculate heart filled with love for her Son and all people.  Because of this, she is a very powerful intercessor.  The medal features a beautiful image of the Blessed Virgin Mary displaying her Immaculate Heart and the phrase, "The Immaculate Heart of Mary!"

This two-page set contains two identical medals per page.  One page features the paper medallion in color, and the other page features a copy of it in grayscale.  To use this printable, cut the ornaments out, punch a hole at the top where indicated, and thread the hole with a piece of yarn. Write the name of the recipient in the space provided.

This medal may be distributed to reinforce a lesson on the Blessed Virgin Mary or to celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary or May as the Month dedicated to Mary.

Age: Wee+
Focus: lesson reinforcement, paper medals
Theme: Mary, Immaculate Heart of Mary

The Immaculate Heart of Mary Paper Medallion
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