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Third Commandment Cryptogram Puzzle Worksheet

Focus on Keeping God's Day Holy with the Third Commandment Cryptogram Puzzle Worksheet.

The Third Commandment Cryptogram Puzzle Worksheet can help children learn three truths about Sunday. This cryptogram activity was inspired by Mark 2:23-3:6.

To complete this worksheet, students must substitute one letter for another using the alphabet and the unique code provided at the bottom of the page. Learners will reveal three sentences when the puzzle is completed. They are as follows.

-Remember to keep God's Day holy.
-Sunday is the Lord's Day.
-Sunday is a day to rest from work.

An answer sheet provides the phrases as well.

This worksheet may be handy when teaching young Catholics about the Third Commandment.

Age: Elem+
Focus: Cryptogram, puzzle, decoding words
Theme: Third Commandment, Sunday, worksheet

Third Commandment Cryptogram Puzzle Worksheet
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