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Remember a Special Day with Colorful Over-sized Polka-Dots and Creative Drawings or Keepsakes.

Help your child commemorate a special day with this four-page notebooking set that is simply designed, bright and inviting. Designed with young learners in mind, there is ample room to write and draw or affix special keepsakes such as photographs, movie stubs, carnival tickets, receipts, or anything else that can fit into the block of space provided.

Many memories are created in childhood, and this sheet is perfect to remember special visits from family or friends, community events, holidays, or seasonal activities. And what's more, your child could complete this sheet on their own without worry of perfection but only preserving the fun they experienced.

Bright dotty borders are available in blue, green, pink, and purple.


Age: Wee+
Focus: Independently preserving the memory of an activity
Theme: Polka-dots, memory pages

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