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Tangible Fun Can Help Children Think About the Ways they Can Offer Themselves to Jesus.

Create this paper cube to help learners think about the different ways that they can use their mind, body and spirit as offerings to Christ as part of the Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary.

This resource may be used as a post lesson review activity for a class, team or small-group play. It could also be used as a take-home tool as well.

This six sided resource will present the following tasks to be completed by the player who rolls the cube.

What can you offer with these - your eyes? - Read the Bible or a prayer book, watch and uplifting program, etc.
What can you offer with these - your ears? - Listen attentively to authority, listen to good music, listen to a friend, etc.
What can you offer with these - your hands? - Pray, offer assistance to someone, do chores without grumbling, etc.
What can you offer with this - your mouth? - Sing in praise, speak with kindness, lead grace before a meal, etc.
What can you offer with this - your heart? - Offer compassion, be joyful to others, show respect to God, help the needy, etc.
Share a fact about the Total Consecration to Jesus.

This is a great way to promote discussion and sharing, although you may desire to use it as a class warm-up or to fill the last few minutes of a class period.

Age: Gr.5+
Focus: Sharing information with others, consecration
Theme: Total Consecration to Jesus, offering what we have and can do as gifts to Christ

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