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Decorate Your Learning Area with Manuscript Letters of Alphabet

This cute and colorful 26-page resource features the letters of the alphabet in a manuscript font along with images to represent the use of each letter.

This traditional set includes the following representations, many of which are animals.

A = ant
B = bat
C = cat
D = dog
E = elephant
F = frog
G = goat
H = hippopotamus
I = iguana
J = jam
K = kite
L = lion
M = mouse
N = nose
O = octopus
P = penguin
Q = queen
R = rabbit
S = snake
T = turtle
U = umbrella
V = violin
W = walrus
X = xylophone
Y = yo-yo
Z = zebra


Age:  Any
Focus:  Letters of the alphabet
Theme:  Manuscript letters of the alphabet and image examples

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Create DateSeptember 2, 2013
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