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The Twelve Days of Christmas Posters with Faith Focus Are Fun, Festive, and Useful!

Use the Twelve Days of Christmas Posters with Faith Focus to decorate a learning area, celebrate Christmastide, AND teach twelve basic truths of the Catholic faith.

This cute, colorful set is based on the classic Christmas song by Frederic Austin in 1909. Legend has it that some used the song as a catechetical tool during the 1700s, although that cannot be genuinely verified. Regardless, it is still a great teaching tool for kids - even if our text differs a bit.

Twelve Days of Christmas Posters with Faith Focus - Characters

There are twenty-four (24) pages in this set, which feature the twelve delightful characters. Two sheets represent each day from the song. One sheet is a character poster, while the other matching page presents a catechetical truth.

Twelve Days of Christmas Posters with Faith Focus - Truths

The oversized characters and numerals, large font, and clear basic text make this set easy on the eyes. Cute, modern images decorate each page, which is sure to appeal to young Catholics. There are Catechetical references at the bottom of each faith page.

The Twelve Days of Christmas Posters with Faith Focus Highlights the Following

First Day - The One True God
Second Day - The Two Testaments of the Bible
Third Day - The Three Divine Persons of the Holy Trinity
Fourth Day - The Four Evangelists
Fifth Day - The first five books of the Bible
Sixth Day - The Six Days of Creation
Seventh Day - The Seven Sacraments
Eighth Day - The Eight Beatitudes
Ninth Day - The Nine Choirs of Angels
Tenth Day - The Ten Commandments
Eleventh Day - The Eleven Faithful Apostles
Twelfth Day - The Twelve Fruits of the Holy Spirit

Some teachers may want to use this set as a review lesson before Christmas break or for a change of pace in December.

It is very appropriate to use these classroom decorations to celebrate Christmas or Christmastide. Christians celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas (Christmastide) from the Solemnity of the Nativity of the Lord on December 25th until the Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord on January 6th.

Age: Any
Focus: Classroom decoration
Theme: Twelve Days of Christmas; Christmas; Christmastide; posters; Catechesis

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