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U.S. History Theme Goal Planning Sheets

Set Goals with U.S. History Theme Goal Planning Sheets.

Set goals, keep them in check, and smile while you do it with our five-page goal planning sheet set featuring people from U.S. History, including Abraham Lincoln, Betsy Ross, George Washington, and others.

This fun and bright goal planning set can help teachers or older learners figure out and set learning goals. Set goals by subject, and then the core and supplemental resources and activities you intend to use to meet the objectives. Although goal planning is usually a task undertaken by teachers or homeschooling parents, older learners can easily help organize and direct their own learning with a bit of guidance.

This cute sheet set is only one of a wide variety of bright themes that educators or learners can use to see their year at a glance. You could use one sheet per subject or choose one theme to represent each student.

How to Use the U.S. History Theme Goal Planning Sheets

Fill in the info and begin developing a plan to achieve your learning goals - one student at a time, one subject at a time. Check-off boxes are positioned to help keep track of accomplishments, and generous space is provided for details to be written down. These sheets are pretty comfortable to use, with ample space to punch holes on the left side and place them into a binder. Teachers might find that completing this resource could easily be the first step in organizing and planning the next learning year.

Info prompts on the sheet include the following.
-Core resources
-Supplemental resources
-Learning goals for the year (up to ten)

This resource aims to help us all remember that although teaching kids is a challenging and encompassing job, there is always room for joy and smiles.

Age:  ~Gr.7+
Focus:  Planning, Setting goals
Theme:  U.S. History

U.S. History Theme Goal Planning Sheets
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