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Vine and Branches Letter Scramble Game

Focus on the teaching of the Vine and Branches from John 15:1-10.

Play the Vine and Branches Letter Scramble. Cut apart the letters provided. Place them face down on a table and mix them up. At the mark, the player must turn over the letters and try to recreate the phrase, “I am the vine, and you are the branches.” Cards are provided for punctuation as well as the sample sentence.

Vine and Branches Letter Scramble Game

Alternately, children may be given a set amount of time to try to create as many different words using the letters as possible. A teacher or partner may write down the words created to help the child keep score and prevent repetition.

Older children may try to work in teams to create the longest word in the class. Some examples could be heartburn, vitamin, heartache, another, or beneath.

This game provides a review for word and spelling recognition as well as sentence structure. Consider using this game to celebrate the 5th Sunday of Easter in liturgical cycle B when the Gospel focuses on the Vine and Branches.

Age: Gr.3-5
Focus: Word recognition
Theme: Vine and branches
Scripture: John 15:1-10

Vine and Branches Letter Scramble Game
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