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Help Kids Learn About Reverence

This lesson celebrates the virtue of reverence and is intended to help Catholic kids practice and live their faith in a real way.  It is designed to be used daily, over the course of a month. With a weekly core lesson, daily reinforcement with scripture discussions, prayer, and the incentive progress sheets, children learn quickly how to recognize and begin practicing the virtue of courage. Additional worksheets and activities extend the learning fun.  Download the matching General Resource Pack that can be used with this or any of our other Virtue Lessons.

This 39-page download provides most all the necessary components, including an instruction sheet, weekly schedule of activities, incentive chart, reminder signs, suggested reading list, suggested scripture list, Bible F3 Piece, prayer sheet, prayer card, I Can Do It activity sheet, notebooking sheet, St. Francis of Assisi research biography sheet, mini-book, discussion sheet, certificate of completion, and more.

This unit helps children understand the need for reverence to God and His creations as well as directs them in and how to practice reverence in God's house and how to treat blessed sacramentals.


Age:  K - Gr.6
Focus:  Virtue lessons, Unit study
Theme:  Reverence

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Create DateJuly 20, 2013
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