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Virtue of Friendship Keytag Set

Encourage and Recognize the Friendly Behavior of Your Students with the Virtue of Friendship Keytag Set.

Consider using this Virtue of Friendship Keytag Set to note the number of times your child or student practices this virtue.

How to Use the Virtue of Friendship Keytag Set

Cut apart the pieces on dotted lines. Laminate if desired. Punch a hole in each circle. When a child acts friendly in some way, recognize the virtuous behavior by giving him one prepared piece. Students may collect the pieces in any number of ways, including placing the piece on a cord or necklace, lanyard, or clasped ring. If desired, the tags may be returned at the end of the day/week for reuse in the future. Teachers or students may wish to track the number of overall pieces received over a period.

This keytag set contains pieces in color as well as black-and-white versions.

Age: Wee+
Focus: Virtue study
Theme: Virtue of Friendship
Pieces are available in color and black and white versions.

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Virtue of Friendship Keytag Set
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