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Virtue of Prudence Trading Card

Help Children Practice the Virtue of Prudence.

Use this sheet of trading cards to help introduce or review the virtue of prudence in your Religious Ed. or CCD class. The card has an image to help open a discussion as well as practical ways for children to practice the virtue of prudence.

Create cards by printing out the sheet, cutting cards apart on the white segments, and folding on the dotted lines. Glue together, to complete.  Finished cards may be laminated for longevity and a polished appearance.

The text of the card is as follows.

-Learn God’s Laws so I can know right from wrong.
-Think about the result of my behavior before I take action.
-Ask myself if what I am about to do is good or bad, right or wrong.
-Think about how my behavior will affect others.
-Pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance in making good and proper decisions.

*This resource is part of That Virtue Lesson on Prudence.

Age: Grade 3-6
Focus: Virtue of Prudence
Theme: Virtue of prudence trading card

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Virtue of Prudence Trading Card
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