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Wallet Size Guardian Angel Prayer Card - Version 1

Help Children Learn the Guardian Angel Prayer

This set of wallet-size prayer cards features the prayer to one's guardian angel, and it serves as a reference tool small enough to take just about anywhere.

The set features a cute, modern graphic and includes one sheet of cards in color and another in black-and-white, which users may choose to fill in or decorate.

To create the card, print out the sheet, cut apart cards on the lines, fold down the center, and glue. Laminate cards for longevity and durability if desired.

Laminating the cards makes it a durable resource that will be repeatedly used or stored more easily. It also adds value to the card, telling students that this prayer is important and worth preserving or protecting until it can be committed to memory.

Age: Elem+
Focus: Prayer, angel
Theme: Guardian Angel prayer, prayer card
Prayer cards are provided in color and black-and-white versions.

Wallet Size Guardian Angel Prayer Card - Version 1
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