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We Are One Family in Faith Activity Set

We Are One Family in Faith Activity Set Helps You Get to Know Your Family in Faith!

This fun multilevel activity is designed to help children get to know one another as they recognize that they are all united to each other through their membership in the Catholic faith. This relationship is more formally known as the Communion of Saints.

How to Use the We Are One Family in Faith Activity Set

There are three pages in this resource set to fit a variety of ages. First, each member of the group or class must answer the questions on their sheet. Then, they should try to find others in their group who have responded similarly. This activity will illustrate that common ideas and opinions can be shared with a group of peers. A variety of topic questions are presented, and they vary from level to level. The answers are controlled with only two answer options to make this activity classroom friendly.

This activity makes a great ice breaker activity for Religious Education classes, youth group or even to help celebrate Catholic Schools Week. It also provides a great opportunity to review the heaven or purgatory - more formally the Church Militant, the Church Suffering, and the Church Triumphant.

Age: Gr. 1-3; 4-6; 7+
Focus: Sharing common ideas, building unity as a group
Theme: Ice breaker, Communion of the Saints, building unity in groups

We Are One Family in Faith Activity Set
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