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We Must Be Generous with Our Blessings Chart Set

Teach Students About Generosity by Using the We Must Be Generous with our Blessings Chart Set.

Use our We Must Be Generous with Our Blessings Chart Set to help kids learn about sharing with others. IN a unique interactive way, this activity encourages them to share their time, talent, or treasury with others.

This cute chart features everyday blessings many modern children receive. Because of this, it serves to remind kids to be thankful for all they have received. The Gospel of St. Mark 12:41-44 is the inspiration for this We Must Be Generous with Our Blessings Chart Set as it presents Christ's account of the Widow's Mite.

How to Use the We Must Be generous with Our Blessings Chart Set

First, distribute the chart, which comes in two week or one-month versions. Next, encourage kids to share what they have with others. They may opt to share their time or talent by playing a game with someone, lending a listening ear to a friend, or reading a story to a younger brother or sister. Some children may want to share their treasury. They could share a snack with someone at school, give part of their allowance to the offering at Sunday Mass, or share outgrown toys or clothes with others. Then, as children practice generosity, they note it on the chart either with a short word description, tallies, or a mark of some sort such as a check or star.

Age: Elem+
Focus: Generosity, living the virtues
Theme: Being generous and sharing our blessings

This resource is only one small part of That Weekly Liturgy Lesson for Kids - 32nd Sunday of Ordinary Time (Liturgical Cycle B).


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We Must Be Generous with Our Blessings Chart Set
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