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Weather Theme Calendar in Portrait

Introduce Daily Science with the Weather Theme Calendar in Portrait.

The Weather Theme Calendar in Portrait is a cleanly designed, bright, and bold calendar featuring weather graphics and different colored lines for each month. It can be used as the worksheet component of weather tracking for younger children.

How to Use the Weather Theme Calendar in Portrait as a Daily Recording Tool

First, print out the calendar then select and print out the go-along weather pieces. Choose from the Color Weather Pieces or the black-and-white Cut-N-Paste Weather Pieces.
Next, have students note the day's weather by cutting out a corresponding weather piece and gluing it onto the appropriate day of the month.

Tracking the weather is easy, and kids enjoy seeing the weather pattern emerge and change daily, weekly and monthly. Be sure to choose a designated time each day to note the weather.

Age:  Any
Focus:  Calendar
Them:  Weather
Note that this calendar is also available as a Weather Theme Calendar in Landscape.

Weather Theme Calendar in Portrait
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